Friday, May 8, 2009

"Puppy Love"

I worship the ground you walk on,
Why did you turn me in to St.John?
With this instinct, my hair might turn grey for real;
Cant you see my love so pure and crystal

I'm making love out of nothing at all,
And do tell me for whom the bell tolls
Or tell me how you want it,
Cause its love on a highway I started.

In the eyes of others i've gone so insane;
Now that i am trying to clear my name,
Not for others to realize,they are all lies;
But to your surprise,cause truth never dies.

I'm not working on all this to make you love me,
but to make you stop pretending, as if you don't even know me,
Fate made a small black dot of me in that snow white heart in you
but that can never stop me from remembering you, though my days are few.

Now the weather looks so cloudy,
and my heart feels so unhappy:
A sign of rain clouds in the skies;
and when it pours,it really pours from my eyes.

I was once gifted with a Love Note from a person whom I had known since ages...& he disappeared in to the twilight fog...after completing it...never heard of him again.

Ladies don't hate me for this, I love humor and I made a little change 'here and there' to the note & the rest are all real.

I believe everyone would experience true love at some point of time in their life.

Most times the Boys are so emotional and true in love unlike most gals who dump them. Never trust a gal who is so very beautiful coz she plays the way...your Heart would melt and then later turns to a Soul that might haunt you for the rest of your life. How come your Heart never gives place to a gal who mixes with the crowd? The gal who mingles with the group & cannot be spotted matches the perfect you. The girl who does not mingle with the group goes astray. Never look to a girl who’s alone coz she has things to share for herself & she’s selfish. Her mind boggles at Smart guys & she can dump you pointblank even without an explanation. These are play girls who toy around for love. Well unfortunately most gals who are good looking at young age becomes more mature than boys and the ones who have those attractive looks with attractive features are descendants from the fathers genes. A friend said if dads a player, his daughter will be a Horny babe who’s too egoistic. Now these types of gals are the Heart breakers. Look at the gals who’s father, a bit feminist in character (soft ,caring & polite) & Moms a Bomb, their daughters may have moderate features, not gorgeous & not bad looking either & they mingle with a group (a circle of friends) discuss topics, share comments, talks aloud, laughs innocent, loves Humor, share sentiments, share their thought with mom and can’t keep a secret. Now these are the type of girls who s Hearts are made of 100% Platinum, who can understand your love & still have time to manage & butter around things "however there are exceptions ". Alright these are my views & experiences.

Here's what the tips I can give about pure love.

1. Love her as a friend first. Get RID of your Desperation.

2. I’m sure a boy can fall in True love at the age of 16 so when that happens Never share your feelings to "people who are so called Friends" A secret's a Secret save it. Forget people who talk about infatuation those bungholes are goose-heads anyways.

3. Never trust a boy who is a friend of that girl to convey a message to her. Possibilities are he may convey the message personally himself with you out of the picture. (i.e.) he may read your moves & plan his earlier.

4. Become Best friends first and let things work out as it should. Take a lot of time to understand her, move around to know her schedule, work around to meet her whenever possible. Be Humorous but still flaunt. It'll take care of heart ache later on.

5. Plan your moves get closer every day!! Hint: A humor a day keeps your gal closer each day. Girl’s love Surprises & Gifts. So get something small & sweet which could make her heart melt. Surprise her with something new each time. Break her weakness to sentiments by talking about the old secrets and hard times you’ve gone threw…& let her know she is the only person you broke yourself to (about your secret truths)

6. Finally when you are sure that you both have the same thoughts and willingness to share & smile for each other, express yourself to her at your Best with a gift she could never forget when you two are alone, be cool and be yourself and all will work for the best.

7. Girls won’t reply soon as they want time to test your patience & know what you are made off. Usually if there isn’t a reply it triggers your curiosity which is easy for them to screw your happiness more & smash your heart like a glass on the floor.

8. Here's were u got to be super careful about your moves. Just be yourself as if u haven’t expressed your love and u both r still the best of friends & as usual humor the day. Believe me It drags her more close to u as a dove. Do not look in to her eyes yet and after a few hours of gossip she feels the warmness of u without even getting closer to you. With a simple smile look to her now & you’ll find her coziness in you. Just say those magic words again. Either she might say its time she got to leave or hit u softly. Give a funny comment on her. She likes it but she shows anger coz u criticized her. Now you are one of her best possessions, whatever you reflect initializes a new beginning. Gift her Chocolates when you part for that day.

9. Watch her blush which at no stage you cud have found during the days you both were friends. Be truthful to her and Play Safe Later ....Have a loving relationship.

If 5 & 6 does not work out & No.7 fails, don't kill yourself, simply ignore her and start looking at her friend who feels pity for you. Your 1st love will find you if she cares.

If Your 1st love finds your love for her later,just accept her. Don’t get too emotional & try to hurt yourself later for being with her friend, You may regret in the future. Even a Coin has 2 have fun (2 timer)...


  1. it??...he he ..bdw..hw did u personalize da background of ur blog..pls help me wid it..a request..i wud b really thnkful 2 u..

  2. A woman has the last word in every argument.Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument....

  3. a masterpiece bro...nice one.

  4. haven't done reading yet.. I SHALL RETURN.. lol. i like this post. :) get's me interested. hmmm

  5. This is really interesting. It captured me right from the beginning. Excellent! :)

    I'll be coming back for more! :)

  6. Hello! First of all, I'm a January baby! Yay for the blog URL! :) And I think your blog here is very, very pretty! Easy to the eyes! :D Love it!

    Anyway, in my POV, most girls (or my girl friends at least) would not want to start a relationship with someone whom they are already comfortable to be in the 'Friend Zone' with. So perhaps being a best friend first isn't a good idea. Other than that, everything else is perfect! :D

  7. Really girlish profile, I wonder if your'e a male or female. Really nice poems. I hope i can create one.

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