Monday, April 27, 2009

Flowers that sparkle love

I parked my heart down the April moon,
But it made me a fool, took off too soon.
Time made me realize it wasn’t the moon;
& it was a cloudy afternoon:
And now your thoughts are killing my brains;
like a poisonous mushroom.

The Greatest gifts that I posses is you.
You’ll see the sun comes shining thru;
That lived with-in the heart of me;
Became impatient to be free.

Now I shouted from the highest hills,
Even told the enlightened daffodils,
At last my Hearts an open door;
And my secret loves no secret any more.

Then you were gone like a dream in the night,
With you went my Heart, my love & my life,
The Tears in my eyes burn,
Pleading my love return…