Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crystal Love

Dear love, for the 1st time I met you, I thought you are just a girl of charm,

but as days pass you seemed to inhabit me, you became an Angel in my Heart.

The gorgeous You became an immovable thing in my mind. For me your eyes look 

       like a pond of crystal water which got me drowned and every time when you turn

                   on me i had started 2 realize the choke...I'm drowned forever.

You are a beautiful bird,
Flying so high in the sky.
You are so wonderful that;
any one may notice you,
from that high.
You give a Pleasant feeling;
that i fell in love with you.
For others see the color of you,
While I lay in dreams of you.

"Now the whole day long I keep dreaming about you & don get any sleep, but if i sleep I carry a dream of you and in some beautiful way it keeps reminding me how much sweeter my life is cause you are a part of it".

Today is Wife's Day! 

Always Love Wife.

No life without wife.

Remain loyal & faithful to Wife.

Keep wife happy & satisfied.

...never mind Whose Wife.